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CoolHeadS is a Summer Lifestyle brand with products that focus on keeping you looking and feeling Cool! 


Check out our Signature Headwear Cooling towel designed to keep you cool all day long! 


Check out our Custom Premium Snapbacks designed to keep you looking CooL! 


Check out our limited edition Royalty Collection with hand selected items to keep you looking CooL!

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About Us

CooLHeadS mission is to provide customers with a unique new cooling towel as a way of beating the heat like never before. By offering multiple unique sun protection style products that keep you looking and feeling CooL! Coupled with our unique passion to better our communities, Our CooLHeadS products are not only designed to help you look CooL, they also do a great job of keeping you extremely “CooL” as well. CooLHeadS products are a sleek and stylish way to make a fashion statement from your creative side or a simple new way to beat the heat. No matter your individual style, we have a CooLHeaD product for you!

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