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About CooLHeadS

CooLHeadS mission is to provide customers with a unique new cooling towel as a way of beating the heat like never before. By offering multiple unique sun protection style products that keep you looking and feeling CooL! Coupled with our unique passion to better our communities, Our CooLHeadS products are not only designed to help you look CooL, they also do a great job of keeping you extremely “CooL” as well. CooLHeadS products are a sleek and stylish way to make a fashion statement from your creative side or a simple new way to beat the heat. No matter your individual style, we have a CooLHeaD product for you!


CooLHeadS Sun Protection Hats 

Staying protected from the sun is very important on hot summer days! Coolheads were designed with Sun Protection in mind, we have the best Sun Hat on the market that fits in the sun protection head wear category.  Our cooling towel has been used to cool off people at music fests, basketball players, football players, construction sites, beach days just to name a few.  We make sun hats for people all over the world that keep them cool on hot summer days and block the sun from their head and neck. Our customers love being able to enjoy our sun protection head wear on the beach while on vacation and on their head while doing outdoor tasks at home.

CooLHeadS Cooling Towel Hats

The cooling towel hat for the new generation! Our cooling towel hat is the coolest way to stay cool and is perfect for athletes, lawn care professionals, concert goers, music fest lovers, mountain climbers, fishermen and others who love the outdoors.  We have the cooling hat that keeps you looking cool in mind!  Our cooling hat is the best on the market and is a great addition to your summer products.  Keep our cooling hat with you while camping, boating, biking, skateboarding, cutting the grass, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Outdoor Sunhats 

The best outdoor sun hat on the market! Our sun hat will keep you cool in a very cool way, the Coolheads outdoor Sun hat fits perfectly on your head and protects you from harmful sun rays.  Keep our sun hat with you all summer long to have an added layer of sun protection with you need it.  Dunk our sun hat in ice cold water to have refreshing feeling that no other sun hat on the market can give you.  Use our sun hat to take your sun protection to the next level while outdoors doing your favorite activities like summer vacation, cruise, beach or outdoor concert.

shop cool head.png
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