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Keep a cool head with cover that's part towel, part hood

Sun hats are all about coverage. Wide brims are good for shading our faces, but what about protecting our shoulders and backs? That's what the folks at CoolHeads had in mind when they came up with their soft terry-cloth head covering that drapes over the head, forehead, shoulders and back. The CoolHeads sun hat looks like a cross between a towel and a hood. An inner band keeps the hat from flying off your head. CoolHeads comes in a bright, sun-reflecting white with yellow, blue, green, black or red cloth trim around the brim. You can tie the edges like a scarf, tuck the draping under your shirt, wrap it over your face as an extra shield or just let it all flow. CoolHeads sun hats cost $19.99.

Judi Dash is a freelance writer.

Shot out to Judi Dash and the Chicago Tribune for writing this article about us, see the full article here

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