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Super cool review from the African American Golfers Digest!

Out on the court, out on the field or on the track or fishing pier, wherever your sporting activities take you, CooLHeadS is the perfect companion. And 100% cool!

Made with 100% ultra-soft absorbent terry cloth, the CooLHeaD collection keeps you feeling cool­—and looking cool! The head accessory is fitted with a unique inner band system that gives you a comfortable fit along with total sun protection from the sun’s harmful SUV rays. Wearing CooLHeadS will keep you cool and protected all day long!

To wear the head garment is simple. A three-step process easily gets you enjoying the benefits of CooLHeadS. There is even a YouTube video for newbies. The best feature is that while wearing CooLHeadS you can enjoy your activities without worrying about adjusting and pulling-tugging on the item. CooLHeadS will keep your hands free and sun protected all day while in the sun. No matter what you like to do outdoors, you can do just that with the confidence that CooLHeadS has .......... READ MORE

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