Kicking Off National Women's History Month by launching our products on the Sarah Caroline Marke

Super excited about celebrating National Women's history month with launching our products in a really cool new marketplace that focuses today's active women and the products they need! Sarah Caroline is one of the most empowering women focused market place and their philosophy is below.

Sarah Caroline is that community! In our research we found that out of 100 websites for women ( there is not one website that celebrates active women. Sure there are a few sites that give you the how, what and the why – the tools but not the trusted supportive place we want to create.

We dream of a place where we can be celebrated and give each other motivation to get up off our asses when we don’t feel like moving and inspire each other to be our best selves. We are providing a marketplace – THE best brands, THE best products so we can work hard during the day and then go play harder at the gym or on the field all the while KNOWING that we look AND feel good every step of the way.

We have created a space that you can trust, a place to feel celebrated as a kick ass active female and have access to everything you need to lead a healthy active lifestyle. With your help we are encouraging all generations to be active, confident and to reach for the stars. We are celebrating women that empower others on our social media, in our communities, and that give back to organizations. Eventually we want to hire professional athletes so they can work for a company that understands their schedules, hard work, dedication and a way to provide while they accomplish their dreams.

We believe in their philosophy and am happy to be apart of their great line up of products for active women! Shop now!

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