Conquer the hottest days of summer with our newest Cooling Towel called the Ultra CooLHeaD! Made with a unique blend of PVA material for extreme cooling! This is a super absorbent material that’s able to retain water for a long periods of time in the hottest situations!


Just add some ice cold water and squeeze out the excess to activate the Ultra Cooling feature for hours Ultra Coolness!  The Ultra CooLHeaD is 100% Washable, Provides Ultra Sun Protection, Reduces your overall body temperature and is the best way to be extreme heat!


  • Super-absorbant material retains water for hours
  • Long lasting cool, especially if store in Ultra CooLHeaD Pouch (Included)
  • Reusable
  • UPF 50
  • Machine Washable


Patent Pending

Ultra CooLHeaD™