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What is a CooLHead?


Wearing a CooLHead cooling towel is as simple as 1,2,3, so this is our “How To” guide to make sure everyone knows just how cool, CooLHeadS really are!!


Hold the CooLHeaD cooling towel in front of you and upside down in a way that your thumbs are on the front of the inner ban inside the head piece.


Flip the CooLHeaD cooling towel over and backwards onto your head, securing the inner band around your head as if you were wearing a headband, then adjust the band accordingly to your desired comfort level fitting securely to your head.


Enjoy a hands free, sun protected day out in the sun with your CooLHeaD! No matter what you like to do outdoors, you can do just that with the confidence that CooLHeadS has you covered!

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